PAC Aligned with Sen. Tim Scott Throws Weight Behind Namkung

YORKTOWN, Va. – Today, Terry Namkung, a candidate seeking the Republican nomination for Virginia’s Third Congressional District, announced he has been endorsed by the Black Latino and Asian Knowledge (Blak) PAC. BLAKPAC’s mission is to “protect our United States Constitution by supporting Conservative leaders,” as well as to “assist Black, Latino, Asian, and Caucasian conservatives nationwide to qualify for office, and diligently work for them.” Terry Namkung is both African-American and Korean- American.

“My racial identity and experiences early in life helped to shape who I am today. I was born to a black father and a Korean mother in South Korea. Until I moved to the United States as a child, I spoke Korean, not English. But I never accepted the idea that my race must define who I am or what my outcomes in life must be” wrote Namkung. “On the contrary, the unique insights provided by my background helped me to lead others, but in the United States Air Force and in the private sector today.

“Through hard work, perseverance, and through the work of our Lord, I was able to better my position in life. I want to give every American, regardless of race, the opportunity do the same. As I travel throughout Virginia’s Third Congressional District, I see so much potential in our communities of color. I am running to set that potential free and heal the racial divides in America today,” concluded Namkung.”