Foreign Policy & National Security

The United States is at a crossroads. We no longer hold uncontested global primacy, but now find ourselves locked in what experts refer to as, “Great Power Competition.” For the United States to remain a global leader, we must realign our foreign and national security policies to meet the demands of the Power Competition.

Paramount amongst those policies is the need for a robust defense budget capable of meeting the demands of the United States’ National Security Strategy. We must provide the funding necessary to grow our military capabilities to continue overmatching China in order to serve as an effective deterrent to conflict. But the United States should not walk this path alone. Our allies, particularly those in NATO, must make parallel investments complimentary to those of the United States.

Finally, the United Nations and other international bodies must hold China accountable for their long history of human rights violations, thefts of technology, currency manipulation, and all other actions detrimental to international affairs and the human condition.