Climate change is a real problem deserving of a real solution and conservatism for GOD’s green earth is the solution.

We do not have to choose between economic growth and climate sustainability. In fact, sustainability is essential to long-term economic growth. But we must take an evidence-based approach to sustainability utilizing a capitalistic ideology from climate
policy and technology integration.

The United States must embrace an “All of the Above” approach to energy. We should say YES to wind and solar, but also to nuclear power, natural gas, and other more immediately attainable solutions, while still allowing for robust domestic oil production in order to lower gas prices as we work towards long-term climate solutions.

However, even if we were to somehow immediately reach net zero emissions today, we would still face devastating consequences due to the existing buildup of greenhouse gases. So we must invest in carbon sequestration technologies. Carbon sequestration removes carbon from the atmosphere. While this could be any of the high tech solutions currently in development, it can also be as straightforward as the Trillion Trees Initiative.

No matter how we approach energy and climate change, the United States needs a long-term strategy. Congress needs to move past the bickering of energy companies and special interest groups, and establish a clear pathway to success. As a renewable energy researcher, I look forward to leading this effort as your next Congressman from Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District.