Every AMERICAN deserves the opportunity to live their dreams and build a brighter future for themselves and their family. But over the last few years, opportunities have become fewer and farther between.

Our economy is stagnant. And the price of living is rapidly rising due to inflation caused by out-of-control spending. The status quo is making the American Dream harder to achieve with every passing day.

It’s time we build an economy that works for EVERY American. An economy in which the African American, Asian, Latino and other minority communities have the opportunities we deserve to uplift ourselves, our friends, and our families. Our potential is infinite. It’s time we embraced it.

But if we are to embrace our potential, we must embrace the freedom to determine our destiny. We must reject boundless government – a government that has rarely served us- and create an economic environment in which small businesses create good, well-paying jobs in their communities and OPPORTUNITIES.

I am committed to building such an economy. In this economy, economic growth will lift us ALL. And in this economy, we will unleash our potential through pro-growth policies such as low-taxes, an efficient regulatory environment, and commonsense investments to foster economic growth and generational wealth.